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Four challenges that will mark the world of digital advertising in 2019

The year that is about to end has been especially interesting for the online advertising sector and, of course, also for Oath. In these months, we have been able to develop new augmented reality formats for mobile; we have presented our new brand of advertising technology, Oath Ad Platforms.

We have talked about publishers and programmatic audio and we have continued adapting to the needs of an increasingly demanding market.

But without a doubt, the best is yet to come. In 2019, we will continue to face challenges, some of the trends this year will become even more important and new paradigms will emerge that will allow us all to continue growing and experimenting in the world of digital advertising.

Artificial intelligence solutions

In a marketing and an advertising in which data is increasingly crucial, we need to bet on artificial intelligence and intelligent automation. This 2019, we will see how brands and companies demand systems that can manage large amounts of data in real time.

An example: artificial intelligence allows agencies and advertisers to monitor the advanced performance of the advertising campaigns they are managing, which provides the necessary reaction capacity to make adjustments immediately and optimize campaigns in the best possible way.

Native marketing and video combination

The video is still the king of formats and will do nothing but grow in the coming months. And this is a spear in favor of advertising. In 2019, the video goes one step further by integrating into native marketing strategies. Thus, the advertising part of the video will no longer be separated from the content and the advertisement will not be as easily identifiable as such for the user, who will perceive it as part of the message, thus increasing its effectiveness.

Advances in virtual reality and augmented reality

The advances in advertising with virtual and augmented reality allow us to offer real users immersive experiences, while maintaining complete control of the channels in which we work. With this, we make the consumers part of the narration of our stories, we give them an even more protagonist role, offering an attractive added value.

Programmatic advertising continues to rise

According to a Forbes report, more than 80% of all advertising video of 2019 will be programmatic worldwide. In addition, according to Zenith, 65% of all money spent on advertising in digital media in the next year will be commercialized programmatically.

They are really amazing forecasts. The possibilities and formats are growing, integrating more audio, video and mobile in this market, something that is totally aligned with the interests of consumers. The great challenge before us for this new year is still to offer all this inventory in a safe and visible way for all the actors involved.


Tools will be of great importance. More entrepreneurs are relying on automated system that manage and runs businesses efficiently.

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